How do I go about setting up a Faculty led programme?

9 Apr , 2020

Please click here to contact us.  A member of our team will then be in contact with you to discuss your proposal in more detail.  Please make sure you check your junk mail, as you may find our response has gone there.

What makes AES different to other providers?

9 Apr , 2020

AES has been assisting institutions since 1973, and currently works with over 200 groups annually.  We manage and operate our own housing in central London, and work directly with hotels and suppliers to put together a customised programme to suit the academic aims and objectives of the group.  We don’t offer fixed packages; everything is […]

How do I confirm my programme?

9 Apr , 2020

In order to confirm your programme you need to contact us, and let us know that the programme is going to be going ahead, along with details of what accommodation you would like to block off.  Once we have confirmed the hotel accommodation we will let you know details, including the address, and the website. 

Do I need to pay a deposit towards my programme?

9 Apr , 2020

For most groups a deposit would normally be required between 3 and 4 months before the commencement of the programme.  In some cases, if you wish us to purchase specific tickets, or if the hotel requests it, we may ask for a deposit sooner. If deposit dates are an issue then we aim to be […]

How is information regarding my programme communicated to me?

9 Apr , 2020

Once your programme has been confirmed, and you have been assigned a contact we will be in regular contact with you to advise you on all the details of your programme.  Your assigned contact will arrange to speak to you on the phone to update you, as well as communicate via email and video chat. 

How long does it take for you to get me a proposal?

9 Apr , 2020

We aim to turn all proposals around within 2 working weeks.  All programmes are customised, which is why it takes a little longer to put them together.  If your request is urgent then we will endeavour to get it to you by your deadline. 

What services can you offer my group?

9 Apr , 2020

AES offers a flexible approach to our programmes and offer a myriad of services.  These include not only your standard activities such as accommodation, transportation, entrances, and the like, but also academic related guest lectures and site visits. AES encourages our groups to incorporate visits to relevant companies and organisations into their itinerary to enhance […]

Veronica, Accounting Intern Spring 2019

13 May , 2020

Anglo exceeded my expectations by providing my peers and me the opportunity to have both in classroom, and external trips throughout the city which gave us a real-life perspective of the history, art, and culture of the area. We were able to go to several British museums and we attended a theatre production once a […]

I need to include academic content in my programme. Can you assist with this?

9 Apr , 2020

Absolutely!  With a database of more than 200 guest lecturers, 500 site visit options, and connections with universities throughout Europe, AES specialise in arranging content tailored to the needs of your group.  For longer programmes, AES can arrange for an in-country adjunct to teach a course if this is required.