How long does my programme have to be?

9 Apr , 2020

AES can assist with programmes of any duration, from just a few days, right up to a semester.  If you are looking to run a semester programme in London, our Academic Programmes team can assist with sourcing adjunct faculty, as well as educational support services.

When do I have to provide my final numbers?

9 Apr , 2020

Our team will be in regular communication with you throughout the planning process and will let you know of any deadlines.  Final numbers are required 8 weeks before arrival, although any additions or cancellations are subject to availability. 

Joe Foote, The University of Oklahoma

5 May , 2020

I’ve been working with AES for thirty years and can guarantee that they are the best in that business.  My former colleagues at two other universities where I’ve taught the British Media study abroad course have tried other vendors, but have come back to AES for good.  AES is a great company who values their […]

Theatre in London Programme

28 Apr , 2020

We have nothing but praise for the logistical and organizational work AES did for us in creating and running our short-term London Theatre Study Abroad program. AES allowed us to truly customize each day and every event to fit the needs of our students and our overall vision for the program. The entire experience ran […]

How late can I add things to my programme?

9 Apr , 2020

This is something that we are as flexible as possible with.  Normally we would ask for at least 2 weeks to add a group activity to the programme, but in many cases we have added things to the itinerary when a group has arrived. 

Youngstown State University Psychology Programme

28 Apr , 2020

We appreciated AES’s support and hard work for our recent Youngstown State University School Psychology Program’s study abroad experience in England.  It was extremely helpful to have the AES team work with us to plan the hotels, group meals, tours, transportation, and the list continues!  We found the communication and organization to be outstanding, and […]

Can you arrange airfare?

9 Apr , 2020

AES do not arrange airfare directly, but in the past have worked with a US based company specialising in Educational Travel.  Please click here to contact them.

Do I have a specific contact at AES?

9 Apr , 2020

Yes, initially you will most likely be working closely with our Partnership Development Manager.  You will then be assigned a contact from our Academic Programmes Team, who will be your contact during the run up to the programme.