Where will my accommodation be?

All our accommodations are in Zone 1 or 2 of the Capital. You will be advised of your precise location before you arrive, normally by your university. Please see our apartment profile pages for more information.

Can I have my own room?

The majority of our buildings do not have the facilities for single rooms.

Who will I share my apartment with?

Normally you will share your apartment with students from your home campus. On occasion, you will share with students from other colleges. If this is the case, you will be notified in advance.

Can I choose who I share with?

We will ask your college for a rooming list. Unless you are an individual, we do not allocate you a specific space in a room.

Do I need to bring bed linen?

No. All bed linen is provided. Please make sure that, if you bring your own linen, it is clearly labelled and well away from the bed on the day the cleaners change your linen. We cannot be held responsible for any linen or any other items that is mistakenly taken.

Do I need to bring my own towel?

Yes. All students are expected to provide their own towels, unless otherwise agreed.

Are there laundry facilities?

All our buildings have laundry facilities on-site. Some have washing machines only, while others have washer/dryers. Please note that washer/dryers in the UK differ from those in the US and will never completely dry your clothes!

Are there kitchen facilities?

Yes. All apartments have kitchen facilities. However, you are expected to provide your own detergent and dishcloths.

Do I have a telephone in my apartment?

The majority of our apartments have telephones that are programmed to accept incoming calls only.

Is there a TV?

Nearly all our apartments have TV sets with terrestrial channels (Not at Conway Hall). Our buildings do not have cable or Sky TV.

Is there wireless internet access in my building?

All of our buildings have wireless Internet access. Please see our apartment profile pages for further information.

How far is the nearest Underground station?

All of our apartments are within a 10-minute walk of an Underground station, with many being within five minutes. All apartments are also within a few minutes’ walk of a bus stop.

What happens when I check in?

You will either be met at the property by an AES staff member or left instructions on how to collect your keys. Some of our buildings have an on-site manager or a 24-hour reception, in which case keys would be collected there. If you are unsure of the check-in procedure, then please click here to email us.

Do I have an orientation session for my apartment?

Yes. We will arrange for a member of staff to conduct an orientation shortly after arrival.

Is anyone else allowed to stay in my apartment?

Unfortunately, overnight guests are strictly prohibited. If you have friends and family visiting, please let us know as we can help you arrange alternative accommodation for them.

What should I do if my apartment is missing certain items?

Please let us know, and we will replenish what we can.

What happens if I break something?

We realise that breakages do occur and are happy to replace broken items within reason. However, if there are a significant amount of breakages, these will incur a charge.

Who else has access to the apartment?

Housekeeping staff will have access on cleaning days, and AES maintenance staff have access to carry out routine maintenance. All staff carry ID cards that can be shown on request. Our staff will always knock or ring the bell before entering any apartment.

When will my apartment be cleaned?

The cleaning schedule will be posted on the bulletin board in your building. If your cleaning day has to be changed for any reason, you will be informed. Please note that, if your regular cleaning day is a Tuesday and you check out on a Wednesday, you will not have a cleaner visit that week; all apartments are deep cleaned on students’ departure.

What are the cleaners’ responsibilities?

Your cleaner will carry out the following:

  • Replace all sheets and pillowcases (apart from Conway Hall where you are responsible for the laundering of the bed linen)
  • Vacuum and dust all common parts
  • Clean the bathroom(s)
  • Clean kitchen surfaces, which you must clear prior to the cleaning service. Washing up will not be done by the cleaner
  • Take out no more than two bags of rubbish, as long as it is bagged up correctly.

Students are required to take out all other rubbish to designated areas during the week; it is not the cleaner’s job.

Where should I have my mail sent?

We recommend that you have parcels sent to our main administration office at Richbell House in Holborn (5 Richbell place, holborn, WC1N 3LA).

Please ensure that parcels include your name, your college, the flat and building where you live. For example Jane Smith, University of X, House/Flat Y,  Z  Building, c/o Anglo Educational Services, followed by our postal address. Please ensure that you have all this information on your parcel, or it may take longer to reach you. All other post, such as letters, can be sent to your apartment.

What happens if I lose my key?

Unfortunately, losing your keys will incur a charge. Please ensure that you do not have anything identifying your address with the keys, as this will result in changing the main front door lock and thus a higher charge to yourself.

What happens if I lock myself out?

Whilst we accept that lockouts do happen, and we will come out as quickly as possible, please be aware that it can take up to an hour to reach you. If you can avoid calling us, please do so.

How do I know what is and isn’t an emergency?

Please refer to the handbook, a copy of which is found in each apartment. You can also call us and we will clarify for you.

How do I contact AES in an emergency?

If you need to contact us, you can use any one of the emergency numbers. Please see the contact page (hyperlink) for further information. We have a 24-hour call service for all students.

What if I have a maintenance issue?

All our buildings have a maintenance board, on which you will find a maintenance form and an emergency number. Your first point of call should be this board. Staff from AES check this board regularly when they go in and out of the building. You can also email us here.

If it’s an emergency, please call us on the Freephone number 0800 183 9955.

This is the quickest way to report a maintenance fault.

How do I know if the maintenance issue is being dealt with?

Sometimes, as good as our service is, we may miss something or our follow up is not as prompt as we would like. If this is the case, please call us on the Freephone number 0800 183 9955 and we will give you an update.

Can I stay in my apartment for an extra night?

Usually, this will not be problem.

If you need to stay additional nights, please email us as early as possible. However, please understand a charge will apply on the additional accommodation. If we’re unable to offer additional accommodation in the apartments, we can recommend a locally based hotel.

What happens when I check out?

You will receive a letter relating to the check-out procedures approximately a week prior your departure date.


I am an individual applicant; can I apply to any of your programmes?

Yes, the majority of our programmes are open to individual applicants. If you wish to apply then please get in touch!

I am a graduate; can I apply to any of your programmes?

Yes, if you have graduated within the last 12 months then you are eligible for the London Professional Programme. This programme offers you a full-time placement (25 to 35 hours a week).

Do I have to study alongside my internship?

Yes. All students on a Tier 4 General Student visa who are participating in an internship placement will have to complete a weekly internship seminar. It is only students on the Professional Internship Programme who are not required to study alongside their internship.

Where will I undertake my studies?

We offer a range of programmes allowing you to study at either London South Bank University, Queen Mary University of London or University of Westminster. We also offer the AES School of Record London Semester Programme, which allows you to study in our study centre. For more in-depth information on each of these programmes, please click here.

Is housing provided?

All of our programmes can include housing for the duration of your stay but this is at an additional cost. AES has multiple student accommodation blocks located throughout central London (zones 1 & 2). If you're interested in including AES accommodation with your programme, please include your interest in your initial inquiry.

What support is available to me?

AES are here to help you before, during and after your study abroad to ensure you stay safe, can find your way around and most importantly – enjoy your time in London. For more information, please click here for our Student Services page.

How much does an internship placement cost?

Costs vary depending on the programme you applying for and the length of time you are in the UK. Please email us for more details.

Do I need a visa to intern in the UK and if so, how do I apply?

If you are not eligible for an EU passport, you will require a visa to intern in the UK. For the majority of our students, a Tier 4 General Student visa is compulsory. Obtaining this is facilitated through a licensed sponsor in the UK - in this case, AES. You can find more information on visas at

What internship placements do you offer?

AES has a vast range of internship placements covering all major academic fields. These can range from Marketing and Business to Politics and Environmental Science. To help you secure the right internship, we place you in a field that best fits your academic exposure, previous experience and career goals. AES are always sourcing more placement opportunities so we'll be able to find something for you!

Will I get academic credit for my internship?

Most students are able to get academic credit for their internship but please speak directly to your university about this. If you are enrolled on any of the programmes involving a London university, you will be provided with an official transcript for all academic courses.

Are travel expenses to and from my internship placement covered?

No, these costs are your own responsibility.

Will I get paid for my internship?

No, all of our placements are unpaid. However, you can receive academic credit towards graduation.

Study Centre

Can you offer accommodation for delegates?

While we do not have bedrooms on-site, we do work closely with several local hotels and can assist with overnight accommodation if required.

What standard equipment do your rooms have?

The rooms are equipped with an interactive screen with an inbuilt computer and speakers, WiFi, whiteboard and use of one flip-chart with marker pens (additional flip-charts may be available upon request at an additional charge). Webcams are available to hire upon request.                                                                                                                                           

Do you have breakout areas?

Due to the size and layout of the building, there are no private breakout areas. It is suggested that an additional room is rented for any breakout meetings.

Do your centres have onsite parking?

We do not have private parking at our centres. However, there are a range of parking facilities around the area.

Do all of your rooms have natural daylight?

Yes. It is one of our key features at Richbell House.

Are there WiFi facilities?

Yes. There is WIFI throughout Richbell House. Each room has a computer connected to the Internet and meeting organisers are provided with a free Internet pass. Access codes are displayed in each meeting room.

Do you have drinks and snacks facilities?

We offer refreshments, including tea, coffee and biscuits that can be arranged at a cost per person, per serve. Refreshments will need to be booked in advance.

Can we bring our own food?

Yes. We charge a nominal fee for external catering.

Is catering provided at Richbell House?

Yes. All catering is provided by various external caterers who offer a range of options to suit all budgets and dietary requirements. Popular options include cold buffets and breakfast pastries, although hot food is also available upon request.

Do your facilities have disabled access?

Richbell House has full wheelchair access including a lift.

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours are 8.30am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

We can provide room rental until 9.00pm on weekdays and from 9.00am to 5.00pm on weekends, upon request.

What room layouts are you able to provide?

We pride ourselves on being as flexible as possible. All rooms can be set up in a variety of styles including theatre, U-shape, classroom, cabaret and boardroom. If you have specific requirements please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Can I extend my booked morning or afternoon session?

Yes, there are hourly rates that apply to extend our AM, PM or Full Day booking slots. Only our Champions Boardroom can be booked on an hourly basis.

Is VAT included in your rates?

VAT is exempt from all room hire, as Richbell House operates under the Tour Operators Margin Scheme.

Educational Tours

How do I go about setting up a Faculty led programme?

Please click here to contact us.  A member of our team will then be in contact with you to discuss your proposal in more detail.  Please make sure you check your junk mail, as you may find our response has gone there.

What makes AES different to other providers?

AES has been assisting institutions since 1973, and currently works with over 200 groups annually.  We manage and operate our own housing in central London, and work directly with hotels and suppliers to put together a customised programme to suit the academic aims and objectives of the group.  We don’t offer fixed packages; everything is adapted to your needs.

What kind of information do I need to provide for you to send me a proposal?

All the required information is on our proposal form, which we will email to you,  If it is easier for you to send us a document containing relevant information we are happy to work from that. 

How do I confirm my programme?

In order to confirm your programme you need to contact us, and let us know that the programme is going to be going ahead, along with details of what accommodation you would like to block off.  Once we have confirmed the hotel accommodation we will let you know details, including the address, and the website. 

Do I need to pay a deposit towards my programme?

For most groups a deposit would normally be required between 3 and 4 months before the commencement of the programme.  In some cases, if you wish us to purchase specific tickets, or if the hotel requests it, we may ask for a deposit sooner. If deposit dates are an issue then we aim to be as flexible as possible with the payment dates.

How is information regarding my programme communicated to me?

Once your programme has been confirmed, and you have been assigned a contact we will be in regular contact with you to advise you on all the details of your programme.  Your assigned contact will arrange to speak to you on the phone to update you, as well as communicate via email and video chat. 

How long does it take for you to get me a proposal?

We aim to turn all proposals around within 2 working weeks.  All programmes are customised, which is why it takes a little longer to put them together.  If your request is urgent then we will endeavour to get it to you by your deadline. 

What services can you offer my group?

AES offers a flexible approach to our programmes and offer a myriad of services.  These include not only your standard activities such as accommodation, transportation, entrances, and the like, but also academic related guest lectures and site visits. AES encourages our groups to incorporate visits to relevant companies and organisations into their itinerary to enhance the programme and enable the group to gain a greater understanding of the location they are visiting.

I need to include academic content in my programme. Can you assist with this?

Absolutely!  With a database of more than 200 guest lecturers, 500 site visit options, and connections with universities throughout Europe, AES specialise in arranging content tailored to the needs of your group.  For longer programmes, AES can arrange for an in-country adjunct to teach a course if this is required.

How long does my programme have to be?

AES can assist with programmes of any duration, from just a few days, right up to a semester.  If you are looking to run a semester programme in London, our Academic Programmes team can assist with sourcing adjunct faculty, as well as educational support services.

I want to arrange a programme outside of London. Can you arrange this?

Absolutely- AES arranges programmes throughout the UK and Europe.  Our team of multi-lingual staff work directly with hotels, attractions, coach companies, and academic sites in the majority of European countries.

When do I have to provide my final numbers?

Our team will be in regular communication with you throughout the planning process and will let you know of any deadlines.  Final numbers are required 8 weeks before arrival, although any additions or cancellations are subject to availability. 

I am not a university, can you assist me with my programme?

Absolutely!  As well as working with institutions, AES has previously worked with schools, businesses and NGOs.  We offer options for professional and alumni groups, as well as sports teams. 

How late can I add things to my programme?

This is something that we are as flexible as possible with.  Normally we would ask for at least 2 weeks to add a group activity to the programme, but in many cases we have added things to the itinerary when a group has arrived. 

Can you arrange airfare?

AES do not arrange airfare directly, but in the past have worked with a US based company specialising in Educational Travel.  Please click here to contact them.

Do I have a specific contact at AES?

Yes, initially you will most likely be working closely with our Partnership Development Manager.  You will then be assigned a contact from our Academic Programmes Team, who will be your contact during the run up to the programme.

Can you provide references?

AES work with over 150 US based organisations and institutions and would be happy to provide references.

When will I find out information such as the name of the hotel?

Where possible we will provide you with the details of your hotel on your proposal. This is not always possible if you are planning further in advance. As soon as we have confirmed the accommodation we are able to provide you with the name of your hotel.

Do you include gratuities and VAT?

All our prices are fully inclusive of VAT.  However, we do not include gratuities as standard, other than for group meals.  If this is something that you would wish to include then we are happy to do this for you.

What insurance do you have?

AES hold both Employers and Public Liability insurance, copies of which are displayed at our Study Centres, as well as being available via email.  AES recommends that all programme participants take out their own personal travel insurance.

Is the proposal based on a minimum number of people?

Our proposals are normally based on a minimum of 12 people.  However, AES appreciate that this may not always be possible, and if your numbers drop we will endeavour to keep all prices as originally quoted.

Are your proposals itemised?

We can either itemise or package your proposal.  Typically, we offer itemised proposals as we like to show our partners exactly what they are paying for, and this also allows a degree of flexibility if the exchange rate changes, or if numbers differ. 

What will be included on my proposal?

Our proposals are detailed and personalised depending on each individual programme.  We will often include a section highlighting options available to enhance your faculty led programme, such as specific guest lectures and site visits, which you may like to include depending on your budget parameters. 

I am coming to London and want to meet with a representative to discuss my programme. Is this possible?

We love having the opportunity to meet with our partners, and those who are looking to work with AES.  Please contact us and we would be happy to arrange a suitable time. 

I can’t come to London, but I want to speak to someone about my programme. How can I do this?

The AES management team make regular visits to the US and would be happy to meet with you if we are in the area.  Alternatively, we can use technology such as Zoom to have a video conference call.

Do I need to provide rooming lists for the hotels?

Yes, it is essential that we receive a rooming list.  We do not assign rooms to the students, this is the responsibility of the group leader.

I only want to arrange accommodation, and no support services. Can you do this?

Absolutely We are able to assist groups who are looking solely for hotel or even apartment accommodation.  Our support services are all optional.

I need a classroom to teach in. Can you assist with this?

In London, AES has a modern Study Centre, based in the heart of the city.  Classrooms, offices, seminar and lecture rooms, are available to rent for half, full day, and evening sessions, as well as during the weekend.  Outside of London AES has relationships with universities, and other organisations offering classroom facilities.

I am coming in the summer. Would it be possible to use apartments as an alternative option to hotels?

In the summer, over the winter break, and even sometimes during the academic year, AES may able to offer apartments in London.  This is normally only an option if you are staying 2 weeks or more.

How do I know where I have to go for all my pre-booked activities?

Full details will be given of where you need to go for each event, and in advance of arrival you will have a conference call.

What happens if I need to contact AES during my programme?

We provide an itinerary to all of our groups.  This gives all the AES emergency contact information.  We have a 24-hour number in case of any questions.

How do I give feedback about my programme?

Wherever possible, AES will meet with you whilst you are in-country.  Once your programme has finished we will send you a link to our online survey, and arrange a debrief via Zoom, telephone or Skype. 

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