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Frequently Asked Questions

I am an individual applicant; can I apply to any of your programmes?

Yes, the majority of our programmes are open to individual applicants. If you wish to apply then please get in touch!

I am a graduate; can I apply to any of your programmes?

Yes, if you have graduated within the last 12 months then you are eligible for the London Professional Programme. This programme offers you a full-time placement (25 to 35 hours a week).

Do I have to study alongside my internship?

Yes. All students on a Tier 4 General Student visa who are participating in an internship placement will have to complete a weekly internship seminar. It is only students on the Professional Internship Programme who are not required to study alongside their internship.

Where will I undertake my studies?

We offer a range of programmes allowing you to study at either London South Bank University, Queen Mary University of London or University of Westminster. We also offer the AES School of Record London Semester Programme, which allows you to study in our study centre. For more in-depth information on each of these programmes, please click here.

Is housing provided?

All of our programmes can include housing for the duration of your stay but this is at an additional cost. AES has multiple student accommodation blocks located throughout central London (zones 1 & 2). If you're interested in including AES accommodation with your programme, please include your interest in your initial inquiry.

What support is available to me?

AES are here to help you before, during and after your study abroad to ensure you stay safe, can find your way around and most importantly – enjoy your time in London. For more information, please click here for our Student Services page.

How much does an internship placement cost?

Costs vary depending on the programme you applying for and the length of time you are in the UK. Please email us for more details.

Do I need a visa to intern in the UK and if so, how do I apply?

If you are not eligible for an EU passport, you will require a visa to intern in the UK. For the majority of our students, a Tier 4 General Student visa is compulsory. Obtaining this is facilitated through a licensed sponsor in the UK - in this case, AES. You can find more information on visas at

What internship placements do you offer?

AES has a vast range of internship placements covering all major academic fields. These can range from Marketing and Business to Politics and Environmental Science. To help you secure the right internship, we place you in a field that best fits your academic exposure, previous experience and career goals. AES are always sourcing more placement opportunities so we'll be able to find something for you!

Will I get academic credit for my internship?

Most students are able to get academic credit for their internship but please speak directly to your university about this. If you are enrolled on any of the programmes involving a London university, you will be provided with an official transcript for all academic courses.

Are travel expenses to and from my internship placement covered?

No, these costs are your own responsibility.

Will I get paid for my internship?

No, all of our placements are unpaid. However, you can receive academic credit towards graduation.

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