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The Darwin Room

Richbell House

Max. 24 people

Room Details


Named after Charles Darwin, the English biologist, who lived at 12 Upper Gower Street, Bloomsbury in 1839.  Darwin was a crucial figure in 19th Century science. His theory of evolution had a transformational impact, not only on biology, but also on other natural sciences and the new social sciences.

Capacity: Maximum of 26 Attendees

Floor: 1st

Size: 34 Square Metres

  • WiFi
  • Air-conditioning & heating
  • 75″ interactive screen with inbuilt computer
  • Flip-chart & whiteboard upon request
  • Natural daylight
  • Disabled access

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Layout Options

  • Classroom - 24 maximum
  • Theatre - 24 maximum
  • Cabaret - 24 maximum
  • Boardroom - 19 maximum

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