The University of Connecticut School of Engineering and Anglo Educational Services in London have partnered to offer prospective students around the world the opportunity to pursue a Master of Engineering (MEng) in Data Science or Advanced Systems Engineering, combined with an international internship experience in London.

“This is an exceptionally valued-added option for the otherwise entirely online MENG program. It provides students with an experience in a dynamic global setting. Through UConn’s long term partner Anglo Educational Services in London, and potentially other partners in the United Kingdom, we will build a portfolio of British engineering firms where our students can practice the knowledge they learned and potentially become long-term contributors to their profession. To have paid internships will certainly increase the equitable accessibility to the program by a broader range of students,” says Yuhang Rong, Associate Vice President for Global Affairs.

Starting in the Fall of 2022, students will be able to enroll in the experience of a lifetime, combining an in-demand degree with an opportunity to study abroad. Both full-time masters programmes run for one year and are delivered online by UConn faculty, allowing students to take classes from anywhere around the world. Students enrolled in this programme will be taught by UConn professors and students will receive their MEng degree from the University of Connecticut. During the course of the one year, students will have the chance to move to London for a 6-month paid internship with a London-based company as part of the programme for credit, allowing them to develop their practical and professional skills.

Steve Lowy, CEO of AES, “This has been a dream of mine and it’s wonderful that we have been able to pull this together. London has a wonderful landscape for learning and also for technology. This is an opportunity for us to work with our partners at UConn Engineering to develop something really cool to allow students to get a fully immersive learning and working experience”.

Kylene Perras, UConn Engineering Assistant Dean, “Our engineering programs are world-class, and we’re happy to be able to extend this opportunity to the rest of the world. It’s going to be a tremendous experience for students in this new program to immerse themselves in a burgeoning career field, while experiencing one of the greatest cities in the world.”

Find out more about the MEng Data Science and MEng Advanced Systems Engineering degrees here and how to apply.

About Anglo Educational Services: Established in 1973, Anglo Educational Services (AES) is a British-based organization, providing a comprehensive service for the study abroad programs of more than 125 leading colleges and universities in the United States. Our services include London-based academic programs and internships, both semester-length and for summer session, student, and faculty accommodations, as well as educational tours to all major European destinations.

About UConn Engineering: UConn School of Engineering is a powerhouse for research and engineering education in the State of Connecticut and beyond. We are the #1 public engineering school in New England, and we provide 51 percent of the State’s engineering graduates. We work with local and national industry to address pressing technological challenges and to strengthen our manufacturing base. We value entrepreneurship and innovation, and our students and faculty actively develop startups and new technologies in support of economic development. Equally important, initiatives in engineering for human rights, brownfields, cybersecurity and other current issues demonstrate our enduring commitment to addressing major challenges facing our society.