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The typical student in the Master of Engineering in Advanced Systems Engineering (MEng in ASE) is an early career engineer, scientist, or computer scientist who wants to gain knowledge in Systems Engineering for the purposes of:

  • Learning a modernized approach to design and development that supports Digital Transformation
  • Learning how to develop more complex, large-scale cyberphysical systems, spanning the boundary of their primary discipline, and expanding their career choices
  • Demonstrating the ability to perform graduate level work that leads to career promotion

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After finishing his undergraduate degree at UConn during the height of COVID-19 pandemic, Alec Schmidt decided to further his formal education and pursue a Master of Engineering in Advanced Systems Engineering at UConn. He wanted to set himself apart in the job market and explore solving engineering problems from a broader perspective, leading him towards studying Systems Engineering. “Rather than designing one component in a large system I can instead be involved with designing how the entire system integrates and operates,” says Alec.

As a recipient of UConn’s Springboard Graduate Scholarship, he was able to pursue his
Master’s degree directly after earning his undergraduate degree, with a significant discount due to this special program to support graduating UConn engineering students during the pandemic.

Through his courses, Alec was able to familiarize himself with technical skills, modelling, and software that assist him in designing optimal systems. He enjoyed the combination of
technical and non-technical courses he was able to take that gave him a foundation of the
principles of systems engineering and also learned powerful problem-solving techniques.
“Everything I’ve learned in the ASE program will be the foundation of my future work.
Throughout my career, I will continue to develop new skills, but what I learned in the ASE
program will provide the foundation for them.”

He also appreciated the communication he was able to have with his professors in his
courses. Online one-on-one meetings with professors and prompt, helpful email responses
were valuable in his learning experience.

In his Capstone project, “The Modeling and Control of a Wastewater Treatment Plant,” Alec
developed a model of a temperature control system to be used in a wastewater treatment
plant. Through this project, he was able to gain experience with the SysML descriptive
systems language and the Modelica acausal, equation-oriented systems modelling
language. Additionally, he was able to study the integration of model-based systems
engineering and physical modelling, which gives engineers the ability to design and test
complex systems during early phase development.

Earning his Master of Engineering in Advanced Systems Engineering, Alec is hoping to obtain
a systems-focused new position and create a strong foundation for his career after
graduation. “I would highly recommend UConn’s Advanced Systems Engineering programs
and courses to anyone seeking to branch out to something different from their
undergraduate degree. It provides a unique set of skills that will set you apart and make you desirable to employers.”

Feedback from our recent graduates demonstrates that our current students chose
the UConn MEng in ASE program because of:

  • The hands-on, project-based nature of the courses
  • The ability to take and participate in the course from anywhere in the world through the distance learning modality
  • The flexibility of the course design to support working professionals in taking courses while part-time or fully employed
  • The focus on modelling and analyzing large, multidisciplinary complex systems the use of modern tools and approaches
  • The ability to span the boundary of their original discipline and take courses in embedded systems, artificial intelligence, data-driven modelling, physics-based modelling, system design and optimization, machine learning, data analytics, model-based design, model-based systems engineering, cyberphysical systems engineering that all support Digital Engineering and Digital Transformation

Most recent graduates have earned a promotion within one year of completing the degree and most graduates have moved from their primary discipline role into a systems engineering position or role either during their studies or immediately after.

You can find out more about our recent graduates here: