Christopher, Luxury Brand Marketing Intern Fall 2019

22 May , 2020

While studying abroad I had hoped to gain work skills in a digital marketing role because that is the job that I want to have in the future. I was lucky to be placed in a position at a luxury hotel in London. During my time there I worked as a digital marketing intern where […]

Cate, Marketing Intern Fall 2019

13 May , 2020

As cliché as it is, going abroad truly changed my life. I learned so much about myself and the person I wanted to be. The greatest lesson I learned was just how beneficial it is to work internationally in some sort of capacity. My internship was one of those moments that truly was pivotal for […]

Veronica, Accounting Intern Spring 2019

13 May , 2020

Anglo exceeded my expectations by providing my peers and me the opportunity to have both in classroom, and external trips throughout the city which gave us a real-life perspective of the history, art, and culture of the area. We were able to go to several British museums and we attended a theatre production once a […]

Allegra, Public Relations Intern Fall 2019

13 May , 2020

I decided to study abroad in London because of Anglo’s internship program. I got the opportunity to live in the coolest city in the world and work at a magazine. This was ultimately the best experience I could have had because I was busy in the best way. I was hoping to gain work experience, […]

Danielle, Social Work Intern Summer 2019

5 May , 2020

I had the greatest opportunity to take part in an internship at with a Children’s Charity in London. My time in London was truly meaningful and irreplaceable. Prior to the trip abroad, I experienced a lot of anxiety due to the fact that I would be more than 5,000 miles away from my loved ones. […]

Chimene, Social Work Intern Fall 2019

5 May , 2020

Before going abroad I was concerned that I wouldn’t get as much responsibility as I craved while interning. I also thought that I might not make connections with those that were also studying abroad. I was wrong on both counts. I was given so much trust to initiate and be part of the going ons of […]