Accounts Manager, Host Company

8 Jan , 2020

I firmly believe the programme is beneficial for both parties. It is very well organised and I would emphasize the fact that you really care about the interns. You are keen on whether they are having a good experience and whether they are gaining the relevant skills knowledge and experience and that is something to […]

What if the placement is not working out?

23 Jan , 2020

AES works very hard with you, the employer and the student to ensure that the placement is a perfect fit.  However there are occasionally times when it is not working for the student or the supervisor.  Generally AES will be able to address any issues by speaking with the student and/or the supervisor, possibly by […]

How can I interview the student?

23 Jan , 2020

AES guarantees that all students are placed before they arrive in the UK; therefore it is not possible to arrange a face to face interview.  However the organisations we currently work with do not find this a problem.  Our Internship Co-ordinator will be happy to arrange a Skype interview with you and the student.

How many interns can I host?

23 Jan , 2020

AES generally only places one intern within an organisation at a time. However, if you are a large organisation then we could place interns within different department e.g. marketing & finance. Sometimes interns from different universities may overlap for a week or two.

What time of the year can I have an intern?

23 Jan , 2020

We have students arriving all year round. However as the placement is generally part of a university degree course the typical arrival times are: September , January, April and early June

Do I have to apply for a visa for the intern?

23 Jan , 2020

No, AES ensures that all students have the correct UK visa to undertake an internship. AES is a UKVI Tier 4 visa sponsor. We check all passports and visas when the students arrive in the UK. The students will be studying while they are in the UK, so can generally intern for about 20 hours […]