I’m a first year International Business and Management major at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Interning with Anglo virtually this summer gave me the opportunity to experience an international business first hand without leaving my house.

While some aspects of my experience as a virtual intern differed from that of in-person interns, both opportunities have different advantages. Between travel restrictions with COVID-19 and scheduling conflicts, without the option to intern virtually, I would not have been able to intern at all this summer.

I had the opportunity to work one-on-one with Anglo’s Business Development & Marketing Manager, Romy Turkington. Rather than doing the typical tasks one might expect from an in-person intern, Romy worked with me to find projects where I could do meaningful work. Instead of doing coffee runs and making copies, I was doing research and writing blog posts. As an American intern myself, I was able to provide some insights into the priorities of students similar to myself. In addition to doing more familiar work, I was shown multiple new programs including the website design software and marketing platforms.

Although my work was primarily with Romy in marketing, I had the opportunity to meet with several other members of the team at Anglo and sit in on meetings. I was able to meet one-on-one with several executives and learn some of the ways that Anglo has changed over the years to adapt to shifts in the industry. One such meeting was with Steve Lowy, Anglo’s CEO. Similar to everyone else at Anglo I had the pleasure of meeting, Steve was incredibly kind and open about his experiences in the hospitality and tourism industry. Everyone I spoke with was passionate about the work they were doing and cared about the quality of the service Anglo provides to hundreds of students each year.

Overall, working with Anglo has given me personal experience with an international business. I have learned so much from my work here, and I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity.